Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LT Hyperfire

One of the neat things at our Mod Night this past weekend was seeing some of German's stuff.  He's a great modder and is becoming increasingly talented with recasings.  This latest one is built off a broken Dart Tag Hyperfire.  It's still a work in progress, but I figured there were elements about this blaster that both sides of my readers could appreciate.  For reference, I've included a picture of my stock Nerf Hyperfire to compare it to German's Laser Tag Hyperfire.  Read on for details on the custom stock and lens.

The V2 Len's diameter is a perfect match
On the front, he's removed the rotating turret (as well as made some space internally) to house a Laser Challenge V2 Firestorm lens.  This lens is capable of incredible ranges and is coveted by many laser tag fans as the "best factory-made lens arrangement ever made".  The downside to the V2 Firestorm is it's actual design as a blaster.  It's very unusual looking and is tough to actually be accurate with.  It's lens, however, is a popular candidate for long-range laser tag blasters.

For you Nerfers, there IS a nice stock German installed on this as well.  Built from a plastic pipe and an Airsoft stock, it's a nice solid stock that is comfortable and adds great stability.  I didn't get a good look at the internals to see how he mounted it, but if enough folks are interested in how he built this stock, I'm sure I could get more info for it.  It could easily be applied to N-Strike stocks as well, I'm sure.

If you've been following my Facebook Page, you know I've got a review of an awesome holster in the works.  Keep it here for that update soon!

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