Thursday, April 26, 2012

LazerBait: LTX Lenses

The Blue LTX is modified with a new lens and modified Shotblast 
During our Mod Night, we received two custom-built lens arrangements from our friend LazerBait.  While these lenses could be installed on any blaster, we have fixed them onto a Phoenix LTX Blaster.  One lens has been installed on Sundawg's "Ultimate LTX" that has abused opponents with it's accuracy and range for over a year now.  We used this blaster as a testing platform for the two new lenses LazerBait sent us since they fit on the existing housing on Sundawg's custom blaster.


  1. What does the blue tv attachment do? Obviously it has been modified, so it won't play the tv game anymore. But does it do anything for the custom lens?

    1. The tv module now houses the Shotblast internals, so it has deadly range in the top barrel and an effective close range deterrent underneath. We have dubbed it as the "ultimate LTX" for good reason!

  2. Would I be able to purchase one of these lenses, and if so, where would I be able to do so?

  3. These lenses have been available for purchase from 1 Source Laser Tag. Unfortunately, it seems their online store is down, so I can't directly link you. The lenses that are for sale through 1SLT aren't these test types that we've been working with though, but they will get you a tight focus and a long range.