Thursday, April 26, 2012

Xplorer: Longstrike Grip

Patience paid off and the Longstrike Priming Grip from Xplorer arrived!  It's currently supplementing my OMW Massacre kit installed in my Whiteout Series Longstrike.  Single-hand priming is more than easy with this setup, as it replaces the bolt with an overhead grip, much like the Recon.  With the power of the Massacre kit at it's core, this blaster is finally able to realistically be used in games with this wonderful grip.  The OMW Massacre kit able to be fired in rapid succession thanks to the Xplorer kit is just an excellent combination.


  1. This allows you to prime it like a Recon, correct?

  2. How much was the xplorer grip, including US shipping?

  3. was that the MGS codec sound I heard there?

    ..anyway, nice review, looks like you got one hell of a longstrike now!

  4. Replies
    1. The Orange Mod Works Massacre kit in there with the 5kg spring gets roughly 65-70 feet of range in my tests. I'm tempted to put the 6kg spring back in there to see if it makes it better, but since I'm just using stock streamlines, I think it's probably better to stick with the 5kg spring.

  5. Hey there,

    I've put together the exact gun in your video above-- I was rather delighted to see someone else with the same idea.

    I pulled the half-prime lock and dropped in the OMW massacre kit, then tried attaching the xplorer grip.

    It's very hard to get the gun to prime using the shotgun grip. In my example, the two screw holes don't line up perfectly and the threaded priming bar is loose in the bolt sled. When I tried two-hand priming the blaster with the original priming bar, it works great.

    Did you have any similar problems to overcome in your blaster? If so, how did you manage?

    Note: I *did* dremel out the posts on the tactical rail very smoothly. It just seems that the shotgun grip doesn't pull the bolt sled back far enough by a few millimeters.

  6. I heard the OMW Massacre boltsled break when u prime with one hand.
    Isit total no problem after using this kit??

    1. The OMW Massacre boltsled breaks with one-hand primes because the force isn't evenly distributed. This slide-grip has even pressure on both sides, so the possibility of breakage is greatly reduced. I wouldn't say it's 100% certain, but close enough!

    2. Yours is still working great?? :)