Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vortex Diatron Review

I wasn't sure how I felt about this blaster when it first came out.  It was just... odd.  It's too bulky to really be a pistol, but it's not large enough to really be a rifle.  It's got 8 disks, but has a 10 disk capacity... which with the reload trick turns into a 12 disk capacity.

I still can't say for sure if I'm "on-board" with this blaster.  The priming system is odd and can be clunky/annoying, the stock attachment is not nearly as sturdy as I would've liked, and the 10 disk capacity is a little more tricky to reload than the Vigilon's in-built ammo storage.  I tried to be as bias-free in this video, as I'm still deciding whether I like it or not.  There are things about it I didn't think I'd like that I do, but there are also points on this blaster I was looking forward to that have let me down.  You be the judge!


  1. Replies
    1. Bingo! Yahtzee! We have a winner! Survey saaaays... yeah. You got it.

  2. I really like my Diatron. Yeah it's little odd and I could do without the the dualfire system and a slide prime but it's still all around a good blaster for me.

  3. It will take a bit of light drilling & the stock post from another blaster but replacing the origional stock post with one from a retaliator, rampage, alpha trooper or Stryfe will fix the stock wobble.