Friday, July 12, 2013

N-Strike Elite Crossfire?

Before I could attempt my own photoshop of this idea that MyLastDart planted in my head yesterday when news of the ZombieStrike Crossfire hit the interwebs, one had already popped up on MLD's Facebook Page.  I tweaked it just a little more, but the fact remains that most of Nerf Nation is looking very closely at these new ZombieStrike blasters and thinking "did this blaster really start out in this lineup?"

Admit it, even if you've been reading all the "Yays" and "Nays" of the ZombieStrike lineup, or you're just now seeing the ensuing flood of products soon to envelop fans in a slew of new blaster designs, you've taken a step back and thought that a lot of what's in this new lineup started off as something else.

Image from Southern Brisbane Nerf
From the telltale sign of the "N-Strike Elite" logo on the handle of the Crossfire to the blatant "Vortex" logo on the side of the Fusefire, many of the blaster designs in the ZombieStrike range look like they belonged somewhere else at first.  Really the only blasters that look to be themed with it are the Hammershot (which is a tweaked Wildfire from the Rebelle Lineup) and the SledgeFire.  Honestly, I think the SledgeFire might be the only blaster in the ZombieStrike range that was actually originally part of it from the get-go.

I suppose time will only tell... we may get an Elite-colored Crossfire later on.  The Vortex Lineup might see that Fusefire sitting next to the Pyragon and Diatron, even though it's given name isn't very "Vortex-ish".  Perhaps this whole "flooding of the market" bit I've thrown at this latest product news is a result of Nerf suddenly changing color schemes to match a new lineup they weren't expecting to release just yet.


  1. How about a zombie themed Centurion? ;)

  2. Is it just me or do these ZS releases (excluding the Hammershot) seem a little like unfinished prototypes? Even the Sledgefire looks like Hasbro canned a team of designers working on a series mid-project, decided to get some money back out of it, and threw together a line so they could just finish it. Where's the consistency? Where's the theme? I hope this is merely some sort of change in communications transparency and that most of these are merely prototypes. P.S. Btw, Nerf, there's nothing people would want to use against a horde of zombies than a full auto non-flywhell Stampede-ish weapon with elite ranges and a higher voltage. PLEEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEE! It looks like you need something like that in the Zombie Strike line. Please do a reshell of that beast!

    1. the rapidstrike is fine no elite stampede will happen deal with it

  3. I'll be honest, I'll be getting these and I'll be happy with them, although the Fusefire and Crossfire would have fit better in their respective lines. Whatever. I finally have a use for my Praxis stock. (btw Zook, you notice how the Vortexers don't seem to have room for torsion spring mechanisms? INTERESTING!) --Coyote

  4. remove the bow arms from the crossbow and you've got yaself one sweet looking blaster

  5. What I'd like to see from either the ZS or Elite lines is a clip fed crossbow. I know crossbows aren't normally clip fed, but it would be a cool, unique addition. Maybe even an elite reshell of the Crossfire Bow?