Monday, July 8, 2013

Double Dart Stryfe

Toys R Us has another "Double your Darts" campaign.  While it's nothing really out-of-the-ordinary on the surface, it looks like there's custom Elite darts included with it.  The blue Elite darts look to have white printing on them that looks pretty nifty!  Check your local stores/online for availability!


  1. I just bought 3 LTARs at K-mart (St.L, MO) for $5 more than what this is running at Tru! $9.99 a piece!

  2. I saw these sets at my local TRU a few days ago and noticed that the darts on the box were just standard Elite darts with no white printing on them. As Gordon Ramsey would say: "What a shame."

    1. What a shame, indeed. I was hoping there'd be some cool deco Elite darts.

  3. I was TRU the other day looking for a bike and I saw the nerf aisle so I went in. They have a lot of old, supposedly discontinued stuff there. Does anyone know why? Btw I got a bike at a bike shop. Cost:$429 worth it? Totally