Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moving Operations!

Recently I've stayed away from doing any heavy-duty labor-intensive modifications as I've been in the hunt for a new home.  Not only has it been time consuming, but it also has meant that my workspace is preparing to relocate, not create more fiendish blasters!  Big projects like my Elite Longshot Ver 2.0 and Laser Tag M41A Pulse Rifle are on hold until I can get things re-established at my new home.  That being said, this new place might encourage some "backyard gaming", thanks to the fact that there is a gigantic park that backs up to where my new base of operations will be.

Literally, my backyard has a wooden gate that opens into a 1,600 x 650 foot park.  There are many features similar to our tried-and-true park that has served for the MLTA's 8 summer seasons of outdoor laser tag games.  It's technically two parks that meet in the middle with quite the lush set of cover that connects the two.  I envision this mid-point of the park helping consolidate fighting to this portion of the park.  There's a dried up creek bed that runs through the middle of these conjoined parks with lots of dirt paths that criss cross through this mid-point that should make for some interesting encounters between both teams.

That being said, this is a very different approach to games than we've had before.  With the old park, there was a nearly impassable swamp in the middle that forced us to play around the edges and along the path that went around it.  This new park, however, sort of forces you into the middle if you plan on not getting picked off by long-range attacks, so the path more-or-less serves as a boundary around the edge with most of the good accessible cover in the middle.  I expect it will create more direct combat situations instead of the runaround that the old park had us doing.

Either way, plans still aren't completely final.  If all goes well with the home inspection, I'll start moving in at the beginning of August.  We'll likely play a trial game or two in this park before making any sort of  "switch " from our home at Mission Park West to my new backyard, but I am excited for the potential ability to have a base of operations like this.  It also means I'll have a much better place to work on my projects, so either way... this blog is about to get a whole lot more fun! ;)

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