Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Switch to Friday!

So the Midwest Laser Tag Association (MLTA) that I've been organizing outdoor games with for the past 8 years made an unprecedented change last night.  Every Summer, for our regular season "Fight Nights", we decide what night to hold our weekly games on and then things go from there like clockwork.  Some years it was Monday nights, others on Tuesday or Wednesdays.  This year was our first year hosting them on Thursday nights.  We polled the group to see what night would work best and supposedly Thursday was our night... but our average turnout per game has been some of the lowest in the MLTA's 8 year history!  Last night we tried something out: move to Friday.  20 players later, it's clear that the switch is going to be a keeper for the rest of the season!

We've never made a switch mid-way through the season before, but it's just proof that if you want to succeed, you've gotta adapt.  This year, that meant changing nights... and if it means more people can join in, we've accomplished our mission.  Providing fun and free laser tag to the Omaha Metro Area.

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