Monday, July 22, 2013

Keep Cool and Have a Soaker War

Winston Churchill once said "Keep Calm and Carry On".  Well, with the summer heat, and all the parodies of this phrase, I thought it was appropriate to share a little tactic I use to stay cool during the summer without the use of a public pool that the 3-year-olds have peed in.  These days, it seems like the only press that Super Soakers get from fans is that "They don't make 'em like they used to".  While the truth of that is up for debate, the fact is that at least they still make 'em!  I tend to take advantage of that fact when the temperatures push 90 degrees...

When Super Soakers got "Nerf-ified" by Hasbro, they were introduced under the "Soaker Wars" label in red and blue versions.  It was a classic case of RvB for their first year and after that, they just made 'em all white and continued with their Tacti-cool water blasters.  Sure, it's no Constant Pressure System (CPS) or XP-275, but they're still fun and, if you're a modder like me, you can still manage to have fun with 'em in several ways.

The most direct way is to just use 'em as water blasters.  We have games frequently during the hot summer months and they're pretty casual.  Have a hose ready to refill, get some blasters loaned out, and just start attacking eachother.  No teams, no rhyme or reason.  It's really just a fun way to stay cool, get some exercise, and work out your best acrobatics to dodge and dish out H2 "Oh that's cold!"

The LightningStorm Stock on my "Whiteout" Spectre
Then there's the fact that Super Soaker accessories can supplement your N-Strike armory.  From shields to scopes to removable stocks, it's all interchangeable.  Many Nerf fans can attest to the fact that the Super Soaker LightningStorm stock, as well as the Super Soaker SwitchShot stock, are the most sturdy and comfortable to use for compatible Nerf blasters.

Of course, some folks take things a little further... and I'm kind of crazy.  The TornadoStrike, released a few years ago, has now become one of my most powerful Laser Tag blasters to date!  You can knock Super Soakers for their weaker-than-historically-proven power all day long, but the fact of the matter remains: these blasters look pretty cool!  So it was easy when I decided to tear out the guts of my TornadoStrike to not only make a MEAN looking blaster, but have it PERFORM as good as it looks, too!

So when it comes down to it, there's actually a lot you can do with a Super Soaker, whether you're a Nerf or Laser Tag fan (of which I am both).  But until you use that stock for your Retaliator or gut that ShotBlast to put a Laser Challenge V2 Firestorm into, it's a simple way to have fun during those sticky sunburnt days over the summer.

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