Friday, July 5, 2013


Well, it took Hasbro long enough, but the Zombie Fever has caught on.  Humans vs Zombies has grown to be incredibly popular and, even though they've technically been beaten to the punch, no-one does foam dart blasters like Nerf.  From the Hammershot to the Sledgefire to these new Zombie-themed Elite Darts, Halloween certainly looks to have arrived early!

Admittedly, I'm excited.  While I don't play HvZ (not out of disinterest, mind you), having blasters themed like this is aesthetically pleasing to see.  That, and having hammer-controlled priming has always been something I've wanted to see on new blasters.  The ooze/slime themed darts I could care less about, but the blaster's design and function should be a home-run regardless of what game it's aimed at.

Here's a higher resolution photo of the SledgeFire than most of the ones I've seen out there.  The 3-round cartridge system is cool to me.  I almost wonder if, with the larger diameter of this blaster, if you could turn this into some sort of Grenade-launcher looking thing firing those new Mega Darts.  Don't ask me why I'm thinking about mod potential already on a blaster I haven't even seen in person!  Just the tinkerer in me thinking about possibilities with this, especially since I've never really been fond of cartridge-based systems on Nerf Blasters.  To me, it's just another plastic part to mess around with... and eventually lose or misplace.  Still, I haven't seen the Nerf brand do a cartridge-type firing system recently, so it'll be nifty to see how they work it in.  Expect to see the HammerShot, the SledgeFire, and the new darts hitting shelves late summer/early fall in the US.


  1. Could always make a single round out of a foam arrow by shaping it to fit in. That'd be an interesting single shot-- if it uses multiple plungers, I'm wondering if it would go further from the power of all three?

    Maybe like a single shot, long range grenade launcher/RPG?

  2. These new boasters look amazing! The Sledgefire looks like the Demoman's grenade launcher from Team Fortress 2.

  3. If someone(slydev maybe) with a 3D printer were to make a mega-dart replacement cartridge you could have various round options. just a thought.