Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TagFest shows off New Gear!

While it's not likely to hit shelves, I'm always excited to see new developments for Laser Tag.  One of the best annual events to showcase these is always TagFest Northwest, hosted by 1 Source Laser Tag.  It's an event that, while I've still not been able to attend one in my years of laser tagging, I always look forward to.  Many of my "heroes" of laser tag attend and have customized gear on hand to show and share.  This "Shotgun Prototype" LTAR pictured to the left is likely that of TagFerret (who is responsible for LTTO, LTX, and LTAR development).  

Young and old, folks show up each year to the Pacific Northwest of the United States to play a full weekend of outdoor laser tag.  Often times, custom gear is specifically built to debut at this star-studded event to maximize exposure of whatever is "new" in the Laser Tag world.  Last year, the LTAR made it's unofficial debut while this year showcased some great fan creations.  From the NOMAD to the Turreted LTX setup, there's a lot of neat devices and customized gear that turn heads.  While not nearly as active/publicized as Nerf modifications, Laser Tag modifications certainly have their own level of complexity as far as electronics are concerned.

More news should trickle in about this event and I hope to learn more about the new gear unveiled at TagFest!

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