Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unload the Pyragon!

So when the Pyragon first came out, I did a firing test on it to see how quickly I could dish out all 4 of it's disks using it's Slam Fire function.  I feel silly for not even noticing, but a few days later, Nerf released a very similar video.

In the recent wake of realizing the Clip-fed backpack system from my Endless Thunderstorm idea, it's just funny seeing things that I've done that are so similar.

Just curious... what's your best time?


  1. This blaster is nutso awesome. I haven't gotten one myself, though I'd love to. I saw a video of bobololo unloading this and had it done in around 7 seconds. That was ridiculous though. Timing your video it seemed around 8+seconds, which is in line with the 'Nerf' video.
    Crazy fast. I am glad that the slamfire on this blaster is so reliable.

  2. "What's my time?" Buy me a few Pyragons Hasbro and I'll show you. xD