Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trigger colors!

Urban Taggers noticed it with the "more powerful" versions of the Dart Tag gear being identified by their Blue Triggers and now we have another way to see the difference between the US Release of Elite blasters and the "watered down" versions that they had reported.  You'll recall that Nerf announced that lower-range versions of the Elite blasters were slated for international release for safety reasons, and now it appears there's an aesthetic change on top of the power difference.

Gray triggers on Urban Tagger's Australian-based Elite Blasters are the surefire way to tell what kind of blaster you've got.  Personally, I like the gray plastic trigger better.  Using a gray trigger in a repainted blaster would look better than painting a trigger gray or black only to have the paint wear off. 
So it looks like we've got a basic visual way to tell the difference between different strengths in blasters.  Blue triggers on Dart Tag gear are better while Orange triggers on Elite gear denote the stronger performance.  ...interesting!
Gotta love UT's attentio to detail!

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  1. Vinyl dye might help the color on painted plastic not to wear off.