Thursday, October 25, 2012

Messing around at Mod Night

Our goal for the Mod Night was to get the 18-unit LTX Armory in tip-top shape for our upcoming Halloween Laser Tag game.  Myself and 5 other volunteers went through checking batteries and fixing reload switches in anticipation of the turnout expected for this event.  Once we were all done, we had a little fun watching some episodes of our favorite web series as well as having a bit of a Nerf war.  Nothing serious, quite the opposite!  Below is a quick clip shot when one of our guys was holed up in a storage room while 3 of us waited for him to come out.  He got some unexpected help!


  1. Kinda' random, but how easy it fox the reload switches? I just had one stop working on a Phoenix LTX.

    1. The Problem: the reload mechanism inside the blaster is a plastic-on-plastic contact. Over time, dust starts to form on the contacts, causing the once-smooth action to get stuck.

      The Solution: Open up your blaster, open the reload mechanism, clean the parts off of the white dust that has accumulated on the parts that contact, lubricate it lightly, close it back up!

      Alternative solution: replace the manual Ammo Core ejection system with a simple push-button momentary reload switch.

      There are a few YouTube videos showing how to do either solution.

    2. Yeah, it'd help if I checked back to see if you replied... Thanks :)