Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ready to Roll - Captain America

Weather for our annual Halloween Laser Tag game looks to be a bit cold.  I specifically designed my Captain America costume to be more lightweight this year which, on the surface, seems like a bad idea.  But underneath I'll be armed with my trusty UnderArmour Cold Gear that should keep me more than warm for the evening's festivities. 
On the plus side, it means that for the indoor parties I'll use this costume for in the coming days, I won't be getting cooked inside a thick leather jacket (like I was last year).  I'm really excited to do this game tomorrow not just because I look forward to seeing everyone in costume having a good time, but because I'm anxious to see if my efforts to make this year's costume more "agile" will work in my favor.  Last year, even though I was plenty warm tucked away inside the motorcycle jacket-based costume, it was tough to move around in. 
What I'm most worried about is the durability of the new lightweight "Avengers" version of this costume, as I fear that the materials might snag on the bare branches at the park we'll play at.  The leather jacket from last year not only negated any snags, but gave me a little more confidence to rush through cover that I would otherwise think twice about jetting through.  On Monday, expect a full report on the game, how the costume held up, and an announcement that Tactical Tag faithful should be psyched about.