Friday, October 19, 2012

OMW: Longshot Immortal Resumes

While I'm pretty much burnt out on Orange Mod Works, it is at least good to see progress (instead of congress) on the Longshot Immortal kit.  Got the e-mail this morning.

"Official Release Date: December 4,2012
Pre-Order Resumes on: October 19, 2012 at 12:00 am CST

Dear Customers & Fans of Orange Mod Works,

After a long period of delays, we are happy to announce the
official release date of the Longshot Immortal Kit. The delay with
the longshot kit was not only so that we may have ample of time to
test the new polycarbonate material and design, but also
to develop new manufacturing techniques to create cheap but
efficient small quantity productions. This process was necessary so
that in the future we can expand on the Immortal line by producing
small quantity of kits and accessories for blasters, like the
longshot, that we all loved but are no longer available on the

Here are a couple of highlights of the design and production
changes for the Longshot Immortal Kit:

Design Improvements
· Improved edge geometry to strengthen durability.
· Reinforced top of bolt sled to prevent breakage.
· New Panlite L-1225Y polycarbonate to improve both stretch
  and impact stress.
· New material is now twice as strong in notched tests.
· Can withstand 8000psi more pressure in ISO 527-2/1 tests
  than the original material.

Production Changes
· We cannot ship tin boxes! Customs in multiple countries
  have declared they look too suspicious on scanner so instead we
  will give all customers TWO different compression springs. The
  heavier one allows longer ranges while the lighter one allows
  faster priming.
· Production volume now drops down to a little over 1000
  kits. After all the parts were pulled from the molds we perform an
  extensive quality check and found that the new manufacturing method
  can only guarantee consistencies up to a little over 1000 pieces.
  Therefore it fell short of our originally planned 2000 kits projection.

Longshot Pre-order Resumes!

Since there will only be 500 kits available after the fulfillment of
pre-orders, we will resume pre-orders on October 19, 2012 for the
remaining kits in order to expedite shipping during busy holiday

We will also be extending the product warranty for the Longshot
Immortal kit to 6 months and money back guarantee to 30 days AFTER
receiving the Kit.

Please note that the bonus priming handle will only be available to
those who had pre-order longshot before it was taken off in April.
25% discount to the next Longshot add-on kit, which will feature the
sealed breech and shotgun grip, will still be available to all who pre-ordered."

Still no pictures of the finished kit or details about it's performance.  Between my failed Massacre kit (twice it has broken) and just how this whole thing has been handled since LAST fall, I really don't care that much about this news.  Might I still get one?  Perhaps, but I still think this year-long pre-order wait has just killed it for me.

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