Saturday, October 6, 2012

No News is Bad News

No, it's not "Game over, man!"  Ever since I decided to move forward with my Halloween costume idea for a Colonial Marine, I've been dead in the water with the construction of my Pulse Rifle.  My friend who is the mastermind behind it's Arduino programming has been very busy with work and hasn't had time to devote to help complete the M41A and get it running.  I've still got a bit of time to try to pull something together, but at least I've got my Captain America costume as a fall back.  Still, I'd rather do something new for this year and I was hoping to have this costume propel my Pulse Rifle into completion... so "no news" in regards to this project is "bad news".

The main issue we had before, which I covered waaay back in May, is programming.  Wiring is pretty much complete for this unless part of the reason the programming isn't working the way it should be is because of a wiring problem.  I might try to complete the Colonial Marines outfit anyways and just paint up a USCM-themed blaster for the game anyways, but the Pulse Rifle and that armor just go together, you know?

You'll know something about this project once I have some forward progress on this to report.  Until then, I'm seriously considering plans to bankrupt my friend's place of employment so he can have some spare time!


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