Thursday, October 25, 2012

Star Spangled LTAR

Worked up a nice simple paintjob on a white LTAR just in time for my Halloween costume.  The upper reciever is all blue while there's a red arc following panel lines to break up the rest of the stock paint job.  I also swapped out the orange reload bar for a white one off of the orange LTAR set to give the lower portion of the blaster a striped look that mimicks the Captain America costume it'll accompany.
I may have other modifications internally for this as I experiement with the LTAR, a blaster I have yet to do any modifications with as of yet.  I may attempt to put a toggle switch that would turn the Beacon IR LEDs on and off for a "Stealth" mode.  The LTAR is known for making all kinds of noise when it interacts with other LTAR blasters like lock-on and hit notifications.  Disabling the beacon would mean silencing those warnings that can sometimes get in the way during combat.

In any case, I'm pretty much ready for our Halloween Laser Tag game set for this Sunday, October 28th.  Tonight the MLTA has scheduled a "mod night" that'll allow us to get the general armory up and running in tip-top shape as well as fix a few of our member's customized blasters.  Should be a good time!

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  1. Maybe you should fix the pulse rifle during the mod night. XD