Thursday, October 18, 2012

Captain America Progress

Made QUITE a bit of progress on my costume!  A lot more than I was expecting, too!  As of right now, the shirt/jacket is complete minus a few tweaks I need to make.  The guards on the gloves are nearly complete too, so I should be ready to rock 'n roll with this costume pretty quickly.
I sanded down the shin guards I'm using for the armor on these gloves.  They've turned out pretty well, but the plastic used for these has been a bit of a pain to work with.  I had to redo the first one I did, and it took a LOT of time getting the Krylon Fusion off of it to do a clean retake on it.   These paired with my red gloves and some red fabric left over from the stripes on the torso should look nice.
Probably the most tedious work was the stripes along the front.  Getting them measured and coming up with a way to affix them without stretching the fabrics I used was a bit of a pain.  In the end, it was easier to just turn this full-zip jacket into a 1/4th zip at the top and close things up where the red stripe goes through the center.  Not what we had originally intended, but it works.  It also means the top left half of the star in the middle is only velcro-ed on, with the right side stitched to the jacket.  Getting in and out of this is a bit of a challenge, but it's a welcome change from the heavy leather jacket in my TFA costume from last year.
Next up is the blaster and finishing up other details.  The major work on this costume, as you can see, is behind me!


  1. How did you attach the stitched-on stuff? Did you use a needle and thread?