Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"You here with a mission, sir?"

When I began looking for a place to start with the new "jacket" for the Captain America costume for The Avengers, I couldn't help but remember how heavy my previous costume was.  It was a leather jacket with plenty of other parts sewn on and it was kinda tough to do indoor parties with since it got so hot.  I decided to base this new costume off of a lightweight sports pullover.  I'll be making alterations and adding the iconic silver star to turn this fella into a much more breathable costume.  The best part about making a lightweight variant is that if I do need it to be warmer, I can layer underneath with my UnderArmour Cold Gear that I already own.  During games, having this more flexible and mobile jacket to work with will be much easier to get around in for our Halloween Laser Tag game.

The section that comes across with the star will likely be made from the fabric cut out of the lower torso for the red and white stripes.  It'll be permanantly attached from the left side and fold over the center and likely velcro to the right side with the star mounted in the middle of it.  The white patches on the inside of the arms will be a little trickier, as I can't decide whether I should cut out holes and mount the pieces in there or if I should just sew the parts over the existing blue fabric.

Another tricky part will be the gloves.  I've got red gloves, but building the gauntlets will be interesting.  I may end up just building one gauntlet since the other one would be underneath the shield I've got.  I already plan on re-using the blue pants from the previous costume on this and just adding a few silver accents to them, much like the chevrons on the shoulders of the jacket.  I have no idea what I'm going to do about that blue utility belt, but if all else fails, I can just leave it out.  As with last year, I'll be going helmet-less as well, which suits me just fine.

The other side of this is working on an "American" looking LTAR blaster.  I'm using a white LTAR and I'll paint a blue field with some red stripes on it to complete the look.  Either that, or I can just go with a more modern look and make the paintjob a mix of gunmetal, gray, and other metallic shades.  We'll see.

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  1. So far as my knowledge of Cap's movie goes, I believe when he bothered using a gun at all it was just a normal one, since other than the shield and the bike he didn't really use custom equipment.