Sunday, October 21, 2012

Arm Guards Progress

Captain America's gloves have an armored gauntlet on the forearms that I really like.  At first, I attempted to repaint an old pair of shin guards and adapt them for being worn on the forearm.  As it turns out, the plastic doesn't like to hold paint very evenly (has lots of spots and such show up, regardless of the exterior finish). 
I've resorted to covering one of the shin guards in some left-over fabric I have from making the jacket.  Turned out pretty nice, so I'll be doing the same to the other one.  Should be ready to rock next Sunday.  Next up is my blaster, a modified LTAR.  Gonna try a few things like disabling the Beacon in the dome and perhaps a stock.  We'll see!


  1. Have there been any ltar combo mounts made yet?

    1. None yet, though I'm told CTDYNE is working on one for it.

  2. In case you'd like to know, an arm guard used as armor is called a vambrace. Great work on the costume. I can't wait to see the LTAR.