Monday, September 19, 2011

Awesome Weekend

So this morning I am tasked with the super fun job of unloading 3 crates of LTXs and a horde of N-Strike and Vortex blasters outta my car's trunk, but I figured it'd be a good display of how much fun we had with BOTH systems this weekend.

Some of you may have read that I planned on holding a Vortex vs N-Strike match on Saturday.  I did!  I also held a laser tag match with LTXs that same evening with the same folks, so.. my legs are still hurting!  It was a VERY active weekend and I thought I'd fill you in a bit about it while I patiently wait for some pictures to come my way from my good friend with an awesome camera.

I hosted the event, a 4 hour long social with members from my University's Marching Band, Saturday evening inside the music building with permission from the Building Manager.  We used the band room as home base and used hallways with barricades as our battleground.  We used the first floor only for the Nerf games and opened up the second floor for laser tag.  The range difference between Nerf and Laser Tag meant different needs for space usage.  I've hosted Laser Tag games in the music building before, but never a Nerf Match.  It went surprisingly well.

We did a true Vortex vs N-Strike match with some interesting results.  To make things fair, we had even teams with even starting points and the exact amount of ammo on each side.  Disks on Vortex, Darts on N-Strike.  When a player got hit, they'd return to their spawn point and mark a tally on a sheet.  We did 10 minute rounds and the team with the least amount of tallies won.  The first round went to Vortex by a landslide, which I wasn't expecting.  Then from there, things started to even out with close matches between each side.  The neat thing was the ammo limitations.  Since we only had 70 disks for the Vortex Side, the N-Strike side was limited to 70 darts.  This meant that high ammo-capacity clips weren't desirable since they would essentially be using up almost all of their team's ammunition.  To make ammo easier for the N-Strike side, we only allowed Streamline-firing blasters.  Most of them who were planning on using 35 round drums were reduced to 6 round clips instead to even the ammo out amongst their team.  If we had more Vortex Disks and could've allowed more ammo on the N-Strike side... I wonder if things would've turned out differently.

Once we played through 5 or 6 successful Vortex vs N-Strike games, we switched to the LTX Phoenixes for laser tag.  We played 4 more rounds of that before calling it a night.  My friend with the camera has about a hundred pictures or so to sort through of both Nerf and Laser Tag games that I'll share later.

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