Monday, September 26, 2011

Fort Worden: Laser Tag Heaven

Someday, myself and a few OLCA faithfuls will travel to the great Pacific Northwest and lock IR Beams with some of my laser tagging heroes at this legendary battleground.  Fort Worden is home to some of the best laser tag games I've seen documented in the U.S. and, while the fine folks who host it are always quick to invite us, we have yet to manage a trip out there.  Here's some pictures of their recent games at this field.

Fort Worden Laser Tag

Blue and Gold RapidBlasts getting around
You'll notice a few of the unreleased RapidBlast attachments floating about their ranks on LTXs.  I was surprised to see a gold version, since I had only seen the blue one.  These are not publically released yet.  If you read my previous post about their limited release through 1SLT, these shots should at least show you how they'd potentially look on your blaster.  These versions belong to the makers of the LTX and are likely only able to be used at these events when the owners make an appearance.


  1. Why don't taggers live in Hawaii? :(

  2. There weren't Taggers in my area until I started getting into it. Now I head up a group that plays weekly games during the summer with turnout between 25-35 players and a Facebook group that notifies over 100 people when our events are. It's gotta start somewhere!