Thursday, September 22, 2011

Johnson Arms: Nerf Prop God

UNSC Nerf Scout by Johnson Arms
So I've been following Johnson Arms for quite awhile now and every blaster I've seen done at the hands of the master craftsman Brian Johnson just looks wonderful.  From Stampedes to cap guns to Shell Shocks to water blasters, the aesthetic work on these blasters is incredible.  What I admire most is his creativity he manages to retain while doing prop work.  Yes, there's lots of props out there for Halo, but one of his most recent repaints has my jaw dropped of how wonderfully simple this is.  It's a Nerf Scout repainted with UNSC (from the Halo universe) logo on it.  I've seen dozens of Halo-themed blasters, but this one is BLUE and just looks fantastic!  While I've never seen a Halo Prop colored like this, it just works and looks great!

The whole reason I'm posting about Johnson Arms is that, across the board, I've never seen a repaint of his I didn't like.  Not only that, but this guy makes his incredible hobby available to the public!  Check out his blog, his site, his store... it's just an eye-gasm waiting to happen if you haven't seen the rest of his work.  Click the logo below (as long as you've got a drool bowl under your chin ready to go)

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