Friday, September 30, 2011

LTX DMR's first Complete Outing

The LTX DMR got to see daylight last weekend in a small get-together of tagging veterans and newbies alike.  It was a small 4 on 4 in a new location I scouted at a lake nearby my home that went very well, both for the LTX DMR, and the players in general.  No power shorts, a nice tight focus, enough power to punch through brush, and a good amount of heft to make it feel real nice.

I went sight-less in this outing, mainly due to the close-range nature of the conditions we played in.  The area was only about 400 x 300 square feet and was pretty tough to get a long-range shot off.  I did manage to exchange fire with the other team's Sniper (toting a LTX with a lens arrangement from LazerBait) and survived that pretty well.
One of the many great teams I played on that evening

It'll likely be my blaster of choice until I can finish up the M41A Pulse Rifle later this year.  It's definitely my primary for LTTO and LTX battles though!  Since LTX can land hits on Laser Challenge vests, which is the other system we frequently use, I can use it as my primary for those games as well.


  1. i've been reading your blog regularly for the past couple months, looking especially at all your laser tag posts. i'm an avid airsoft player and enjoy milsim, but airsoft just isn't cutting it for my friends and i in terms of range.

    on the other hand, lasertag systems that target the mil-sim players are entirely to expensive to start out with. i was wondering if a system like ltx could be upgraded or enhanced in any way to give my friends and i a similar experience to other mil-sim games, or if there's another affordable system that we could pick up for under $200 that would give us that experience?

  2. First of all, thanks for reading, mchlmacdonald! It's good knowing my blog is worth checking.

    I'll actually answer your question with a new post though, since I think it's an important thing to cover.