Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Hunt is ON

Well, December is here.  Shelves of your favorite blasters are A: getting stocked more frequently and B: subsequently getting depleted more frequently as that Gift-Giving time of the year bears down on us.  Somewhere between the Barbie-aisle Rebelle gear and the "did anyone actually use it" TekRecon products, I'm hoping to find a ZombieStrike Crossfire Bow.  Not to be confused with the Crossfire, which was a Dart Tag blaster... because seriously, Nerf needs to double back and make sure they don't re-use blaster names.

Of course, the fact that I'm looking for this blaster already narrows my search to one retailer: Target.  Both the HammerShot and SledgeFire have become instant favorites of mine (despite their goofy colors) and the Crossfire Bow looks to continue that trend.  I've yet to see someone do a firing demonstration of this blaster, although I wouldn't be surprised if there was one out there I missed.  There's shots of the actual blaster, but no reviews I can find yet.  My general rule of thumb has recently been "If RS09 hasn't gotten his hands on it, I probably can't either".

Oh, and if I happen to find the SideStrike while I'm at it, that'd be an added bonus.  Still, the Crossfire Bow (like many fellow fans) is at the top of my Wishlist this season.  Only difference between me and some of those fans is that I'll have to go out and buy it instead of get it under a tree.  Under that, I'll have something exciting like tube socks instead.


  1. I dunno, the crossfire crossbow looks like a big shell with firestrike internals and bow arms that don't contribute to the power of the blaster. As a person with the original crossbow, this gimicky imitation doesn't come close.

  2. I love the goofy colours then :P -Veradux

  3. You may wish to update this article since your discovery of the Crossfire Bow not being a Target exclusive.