Monday, December 23, 2013

N-Strike Elite MEGA Magnus Review

Got the Magnus... and I'm happy.  Really happy that there's hope for the MEGA lineup and that this blaster is more of a compliment to the N-Strike Elite lineup than a big overpriced hunk of plastic like it's brother before it.  It's a lengthy review, one of my longer ones, just because this covers more than the blaster and it's functions.  I go in-depth with my opinions of why I'd choose this blaster over the Centurion and how it could benefit someone as a secondary in a few different ways.

See the video review after the jump!


  1. LOL, you read my mind, my current project is a Magnus integration barrel for a Rayven :)

    1. Double and Rapidstrike for me... Though I guess with some creative reinforcement and cutting one could mount a single Magnus underbarrel, it would probably not be worth the effort.

  2. So what happened with your centurion? I went through three from my local Costco before I discovered a trick to make it as dependable as my Strongarm, even more, really.

    Just slide the bolt forward before pulling it back to cock the shot. Every third time, I heard something that didn't quite release after the last shot let go and I get a perfect pull on the bolt. It hasn't jammed once since then.