Monday, August 12, 2013

Office Escalation

So that friendly competition my office neighbor and I had has started a bit of a friendly exchange of foam between other coworkers.  Since then, my chair has been booby-trapped, others have picked up pocket-sized blasters, and my lower desk drawer is consistently raided for darts.  Today was certainly the most intense combat I've seen, so I was glad I brought some help from home in anticipation of the escalating climate.

I can't say I'm surprised.  I work with a great bunch of fellas that are all in favor of a little friendly firepower.  They all know I've got this blog and that I play Laser Tag and Nerf pretty frequently, so I've got a reputation as the armorer for most of them.  Today, I kept the best blaster for myself, laying down quite a bit of lethal firepower with the help of this SledgeFire.  It's pretty much impossible to miss with this fella, though I have noticed it's range is a little weaker than the other stock Jolts, Triads, and Firestrikes running around the area.  It's clear I need to do a few things to stay on top with the SledgeFire.  The first is to clean up my sloppy, time-consuming, and admittedly laughable attempt to quickly reload.  The second is to upgrade the SledgeFire a bit without making it too powerful for simple office warfare.  The Third... give this fella a neat paintjob!  It's more important than you may think!

I never imagined I'd be combat-testing blasters from work, but it's a good time.  I'm a little worried how far this might go, and when the friendly exhange will cross the line into a full-scale excursion into the depths of war... but I suppose if I don't up my firepower much more, we can keep things from getting out of control.

As I pick up darts around the office, I can't help but think... anyone else partaking in foam battles at work?


  1. My brother and I have had some in-house battles... and more than once I have found a suction dart on my computer screen lol

  2. We used to at my work, but then management gave us the whole "workplace safety" speech and then the fun died :(

  3. Eh, I like the paintjob in the sledgefire, I love cyan and similarly coloured blasters.

  4. Trying to increase the office war participation at my job! Posting a response to your blog on ours in a minute :) ~Chris

    1. Great article, as usual, Chris! Thanks for the shout-out, too! (Though I should correct that it's Bazookafied, not -field. A common mistake!)