Monday, December 2, 2013

ZombieStrike Availability ::UPDATED::

I wasn't expecting to find this!  Upon looking through the Toys R Us website for some Cyber Monday deals, I found this link to a "NER Zombie Strike Sidestrike".  No image provided, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out what they're talking about.  I was under the impression that the ZombieStrike lineup was a Target Exclusive so... either I missed some critical news, or the "infection is spreading".

Considering that Toys R Us actually had Humans vs Zombies blasters on their shelves (though they were just rebranded AirZone blasters), it's not a huge surprise other than the fact that ZombieStrike, since it came out, has been a Target-only series.  I decided to dig further.

Nowhere on the box does the Sidestrike sport the "Target Exclusive" logo.  The Crossfire Bow also lacks this feature.  Upon investigating at, the site lists all the other ZombieStrike goodies as "Only at Target" with the exception of the Sidestrike, those Point Break water pistols, and Crossfire Bow.  The packaging characteristics of the Sidestrike and Crossfire are uniqe to the ZombieStrike lineup in that they have the blue background in the corner with the Nerf logo (similar to the blue seen on Elite blasters) whereas the other products do not share this.

This could mean a couple of things.  First, that Toys R Us might be getting some Zombie Strike blasters.  I don't see why you'd want to pay 3 bucks more for the same product available at Target, but whatever.  The bigger picture would mean that ZombieStrike blasters could start being available at ALL retailers who carry Nerf products, which would make them much easier for folks to get.

Could be interesting to see how things proceed from here!


RandomShadow09 has discovered the Sidestrike online for Wal-Mart.  Apparently, he found it using the UPC code on the Toys R Us page and was able to track down a listing for this blaster at Wal-Mart.  It's certainly looking like the rest of the ZombieStrike lineup that we've seen unveiled (remember that flood of new products we saw a few months ago?) is going to be more than just a Target Exclusive.  At this time, the HammerShot and SledgeFire look to be the only store-exclusive blasters.


  1. Only the Hammershot and the Sledgefire were the Target exclusives. And yeah, it's strange how the two most unique looking blasters would be Target only (USA and Australia).

  2. I had assumed that, because the lineup started off as a Target Exclusive in the US that it would remain that. Did the HammerShot and SledgeFire act as a primer to see how these blasters were received and, with their success, open the floodgates for other retailers to start having them? I suppose I missed this news if that's the case.

  3. I think that just the Hammershot and Sledgefire are Target exclusives. Also, the Sidestrike and Crossfire Bow are listed in as well (check Basic Nerf for more). Only time will tell.

  4. bazookafield! look at this!