Friday, December 13, 2013

Give the Gift: YOUR Gift

 Most of you who read this are interested not only in Nerf and Laser Tag, but the modifications that revolve around those two hobbies.  I've made it my goal to share what I do on Tactical Tag, as well as feature other works that I find notable to share.  Well, we're knee-deep into the "Season of Giving" so today I thought I'd propose an idea that I look forward to seeing possible results of.

This time of year, gift giving is quite appropriate, but all too often the idea of a "gift" is something that is purchased.  A Gift can also refer to one's talents, as in saying that Picasso was a gifted artist.  So, for this holiday season, I figured I'd encourage those who modify Nerf and Laser Tag blasters to extend that gift to someone you know.

Today, while I was visiting with Russ, a good friend of mine who works on Subarus, I noticed a Raider CS-35 and a Maverick REV-6 on one of the tool boxes.  He has talked with me about modifying these before, but he's a busy guy.  I figured, as I was waiting, I'd modify it for him as a way of saying "thanks" for all the time he's taken to help me out.  It wasn't much, just clearing out the ARs and doing the Penny mod to the spring, but he seemed surprised and happy with the performance increase in the blaster.  It felt good to use my knowledge of modifications as a quick gift for him to enjoy, so now I'm encouraging the rest of you to do the same!

As always, I'd be happy if you would share your experiences with this.  Whether it be to help out a fellow Nerfer or to reach out to someone who has wondered about modifying their Laser Tag blaster, do something nice for them and spread the gift: YOUR gift!


  1. I am doing a Stryfe for my father in law, painted to match his beloved tractor mower, so he can keep up at family wars. His birthday is Xmas eve so it's nice for him to get something fun. The kids are drawing him knock down targets to go with it. He's over 70 but still loved nerfing everyone!

  2. Y U do penny mod? It will just make the spring weaker.