Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reviews on the Way!

So as I was doing some testing for the HammerShot vs Snapfire dual wielding testing, I managed to find some new blasters at local retailers.  Big thanks to those on the Facebook Page who had reported their findings that gave me hope!  There's a lot of Nerf on my table, so I'll be cranking out reviews in the next week or so.  Here's my To-Do list (in no particular release order)
  • Review: SideStrike
  • Review: Crossfire Bow
  • Review: Magnus
  • Re-Review: Mission App
  • "Dual Wielding Duel"
If I were at my old job, I'd have the time to crank these out one-per-day over the next week, but I'll try to get 'em all out quickly.  Just wanted to know something before I dive into the reviews.  I've done two styles of reviews before: in-depth and quick showcase.  Some folks have liked the fast-n-easy reviews that cover all the functions of the blaster in a minute or two while others prefer the analyzed take on the equipment and how it can be best utilized.  A recent example would be the Rapidstrike CS-18 covered in just over a minute versus the Snapfire 8 that took a little over 5 minutes to look at.  Which approach do you prefer?


  1. Personally, I prefer the Snapfire style reviews, but if you don't have the time the shorter Rapidstrike style reviews are great too.

  2. I prefer the longer reviews. Helps me to decide if i want to buy the blaster or not. Plus, you do a great job on your reviews. Keep up the great work!!

  3. I would like to see Nerf producing N-Strike "classic" (not elite, yes, without the stellar range) blasters so we can use blasters that require strategy and need you to arc shots, you know the thing

    1. Just buy Australian grey-trigger elite blasters? They're only slightly more powerful than the classic N-strike, but you still get the cool new stuff like Hammershots (ZS gets the grey-trigger too), Strongarms and Roughtcuts.

    2. I know they are near the same but it must feel like N-Strike, I must see that radiating yellow that look like tools from your hardware store, I can't buy grey triggers because there are problems at importations neither so, yeah, we need at least 1 per 1 1/2 year

  4. Meh, I would prefer written text reviews, not videos.