Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Elite Spectre Review!

When Wal-Mart's Exclusive N-Strike blaster, the Spectre REV-5, came out... I was quite the fan.  It addressed all the issues folks had with the Maverick as far as loading/barrel rotation/tactical rail position, and then added a rear stock adapter and front barrel adapter to make it versatile.  To top it all off, they gave it a killer design that has remained one of my favorites in my arsenal.  I made two other versions of the Spectre: a blue-painted one (to match the Longstrike Barrel Extension and Raider Stock) and a Whiteout-themed one.  Nerf had teased us with a true Whiteout Spectre box-art design, but I was more than happy to see the Spectre eventually get Elite treatment in the blue color I had hoped it to have to begin with.  Not only that, but now it's got some Elite power pushing through it, so it's an even stronger blaster out-of-the-box.

Below is a review of the Spectre, as well as a photo gallery for my Facebook Page.  Check 'em out!

N-Strike Elite Spectre REV-5 Photo Gallery


  1. I completely agree, as pistols for nerf go the strong arm is the best 2 handed plunger pistol. 1 handed plunger pistol goes to hammershot. and well the really only flywheel pistol is the stockade/barricade.

    In terms of using this as a pistol the attachment points are useless so it is better to think this gun as a turreted retailiator as both aren't the best to be used as pistols and are suited to use attachments and be more of a rifle type blaster.

    You did mention the better qualities of the strongarm such as cheaper price, 6 darts, no attachments, slamfire, and I personally like the handle and priming slide on the strongarm much more than a spectre.

  2. As a standalone pistol, Strongarm takes the cake left, right, and sideways. However, before that blaster came out, the Spectre was still a nice improvement over the Maverick in my opinion. Essentially, Maverick<Spectre<Strongarm when it comes down to it.

  3. Andy W

    I would say the Spectre still has it's key advantage. That being the cyclinder (section where the darts are loaded) does not rotate as you fire the blaster. This makes the Spectre more accurate to fire, especially single handed.

    Also the cool accessories in the Elite colour scheme!

  4. Spectre has some draw backs but is possibly my most accurate side arm to date; also I have noticed that you can actually preform more abuse forms modding that the strongarm can not. This is evident due to the new support the priming bar provides during the prime; the back part that holds the most force (this is not proven just an observation)that actually pulls the spring assembly has no metal rod just plastic. I think that placing a rod there will not only renforce but allow the option of slightly stronger springs than the strongarm. So will it work? I don't know but I will try it and tell u first.