Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Armory has Arrived

So I've been busy moving in to my new house this week.  What's the first thing I managed to set up in the garage?  Oh that's right... a wall of Nerf and Laser Tag blasters!  I'll need to start getting a workspace in there, but my garage is plenty deep.  Shouldn't have any problems getting the space I need in there to get a nice workshop going!

Once that's rolling, projects go back on schedule and I'll hopefully be planning the first of many new games in the big park that my property backs up to.  It's a fantastic space, and I've got a gate in my fence that opens right up to it.  This means I'll be able to host games straight from my house and into the park!  I've already talked with neighbors about it and their kids seem more than enthusiastic about the idea, so I get the feeling I'm gonna fit right in to this great community!

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