Monday, August 19, 2013

CTDYNE: Stinger

Earlier, I showed off one of Custom Tag Dynamics' newest projects.  Well, thanks to an e-mail I got this morning, we've got new completed photos of this stellar upgrade that Mr. Yates calls the "Stinger".  I suspect this name choice may be linked to his callsign of "YellowJacket", but regardless of how it got it's name, this accessory for the Phoenix LTX is fantastic!

"My expectations are that the Stinger will not only improve the long range capability of the LTX, but also retain the close quarter battle mode capacity of the Tiger-brand Shotblast. The two IR LED's mounted under the main lens both have a wide spread light pattern for QCB work. This function should come in quite handy in the tunnels at Fort Worden.

The Stinger slides on in seconds just as the Shotblast does. No tools or modification to the LTX are required to press this tactical accessory into service. It is just as easy to remove. The Stinger is about half as tall as the Shotblast and about the same length. In this smaller package you not only get the close quarter benefits of the Shotblast but also increased sniper capability as well. The 1.2 inch lens is about .050 smaller in diameter then the lens on the Hasbro TMB. Since this lens is engineered for a much greater focal length then the TMB optics I expect comparable ranges with the installed TSAL-6100 LED. Time will tell.
I have also attached an image of Duncan's LTX showing the subtle changes in the paint scheme. I have retained the blaze orange tip for safety but the additional black color helps blend the lines of the Stinger with the LTX. I expect the orange plastic to show thru the flat black Krylon Fusion paint on the bottom of the battery compartment in short order once this piece is pressed into service. Oh well, it looks good to my eye in these images anyway.

I put a lot of effort into making this housing sturdy enough to take the punishment typically encountered in the aggressive games at Fort Worden. It will probably show some wear but should hold up structurally to the abuse.

~Mike Yates - CTDYNE"

I'm personally a little proud of this one... not because I had any part in making this, but the lens he's using in this is from a Laser Challenge Virtual Paintball blaster that I send him a year or so ago.  Good to see it worked into such an awesome design!


  1. If you don't want the paint to wear off, use vinyl dye. It soaks into the plastic, so it won't scrape off. It's widely available too: it can be bought at any auto parts stores.

    1. Cool, I just found these "I would sand the piece smooth and then I experimented applying light coats of rock guard and then dyed the plastic panel."

      SEMS has adhesive promoter. With instructional videos:

  2. The Stinger looks pretty beast, especially with the stock/sight attachment too. I notice that the Stinger only covers the bottom lens on the front of the LTX, this must be the firing lens. What's the purpose of the other lens?

    1. The LTX only has one lens, unlike the LTAR and LTTO which have two. The top lens is still for normal firing (10 shots, 1 damage for each shot, ~500-600 feet). The bottom lens on an LTX is usually for an accessory like the ShotBlast or, in this case, a Sniper accessory.