Friday, August 23, 2013

New Space, MORE MODS!

So I've finally got most of my stuff moved in to my new home, including the start of a VERY nice workspace.  All I could think was "gosh, I've gotta mod something", so I reached for my new favorite Office Defender: the SledgeFire.  Turns out an Air Restrictor removal on this guy is really all it needs to punch those darts forward.  I'm quite happy with how easily upgradable the SledgeFire is for it's size.  Didn't take long to open it up, dig in, and get this mod done.  See the video after the jump to see the results of this upgrade!



  1. Thanks Zook, since I saw your vid of the AR removed Sledgefire I've gone & grabbed one to trim down & mount on my rapidstrike as a masterkey/Oh @&*% button.

    1. Oh THIS I've gotta see! I love the RapidStrike, and MasterKey mods have been looking great on other blasters so far. You've gotta share!

    2. Cool side note, while playing around with my Sledgefire I discovered that they can fire both Whistlers & Dart Tag darts.