Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Huntsman Blasters

Thanks to a tip from one of my buddies on Tactical Tag's Facebook group, got a bit of a scoop on a new blaster lineup that looks to be a K-Mart-specific brand.  It's "Huntsman", and things at least look promising.  There's a shotgun using Mega-sized  darts that's hilariously called the "Boomstick".  Then there's a pretty mean looking magazine-fed sniper rifle called the "Huntsman 50".  This blaster has a smaller sister blaster called the "Commando 12", which is essentially the Huntsman 50 without the barrel extension.  There's also the "Pillager", which looks pretty familiar... and aggressive-looking pistol called the "Judge" that comes with it's own holster, too.  There are also two bows, one's just a normal setup.  The other is a crossbow.

They look to be part of the AirZone lineup.  Some of them are just repainted blasters, but others look to be new designs.  The full list of links to these blasters on K-Marts online page are listed below.

Huntsman 50
Commando 12
SwiftStrike Crossbow
Tracker Long Bow
The Pillager
The Judge

Anyone managed to nab any of these?  I'm especially interested in how the Huntsman 50 and Commando 12 work... and if they're comfy to use, too!


  1. Hey there!
    Two things: The Huntsman 50 is on shelves at Kmart; the others seem to be online only for the moment. $30 in store.

    Also, the Swiftstrike has also been released under Lanard's "The Corps!" brand. $10 at Walmart.

  2. Hi, check out Buff-daddy's review. It's well put together.


  3. Look very cool, love the paint schemes!


  4. The Huntsman X12 is just another repainted, repackaged Triple Shot/Quadshot. The Boomstick is just a repainted Toys R Us exclusive called the Double Barrel Blaster. I have an extensive review of it here: http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23947

  5. Looks like all but the Commando 12 and the Swiftstrike Crossbow are repacks. Actually, the Commando look like a slight re-shell of the Air Zone Quick-fire Sniper that was on the shelves for a short time at TRU. Still really want to try it! My Quick-fire Sniper died too quickly. ~Chris

  6. That Huntsman 50 would make a nice laser tag rifle!

  7. The Huntsman 50 is quite possibly the first blaster I will not internally mod. the chambering mechanism is the first of its kind as far as I know. When you pull the bolt back, the breech lowers and aligns with the back of a dart. Pushing the bolt forward, the breech moves back up and forward. A dart pusher pushes the dart into the chamber, then returns to its resting point. Also, this is the first time I've seen a hollow-point Nerf dart.

  8. My huntsman 50 is broken. When I pull the bolt back and let it go, it loosens the spring and lets it go without letting load a round in the gun. Can anyone help?