Thursday, May 30, 2013

Elite Spectre!

Thanks to the tip from Outback Nerf, I got to start off my Thursday with a big ol' smile on my face!  I'll let this image do the rest of the talking.

Yup!  You're reading/seeing that right!  The Alpha Trooper we already know about, but having the Spectre, included with all it's original goodies (often times they've skimped on the accessories for Elite blasters) is getting Elite Treatment!  My friends at Outback Nerf said it reminded them of my blue Spectre I had built before, but I really just wanted a Blue Spectre.  I didn't expect Nerf to later actually come out with one!

We'll have to wait and see how tough it's going to be to find one of these.  It may be limited to this tournament, or it may get released domestically anyways.  This one kinda came outta left field, so I have no idea what to expect.


  1. If i felt like trolling i'd start the whole elite long shot debacle again. Good to know one of my favorite revolvers is getting a second coming though.

  2. It doesn't say Elite Spectre. I'm not all that surprised. They might as well leave the blaster out, throw in a clip and a bandolier, then just call it a Stryfe mission kit.

  3. I feel like the elite spectre is silly because the strongarm is better in almost every way as a pistol and the attachments aren't all that great.

  4. I take that back, it does appear to have an Elite badge on the Spectre handle!

    I still won't buy it.

    I want a Longstrike sight, 2 Hammershots, and maybe a Revonix. I could care less about the rest.

    1. and i belive its reverse plunger

  5. An excuse to finally pick up the most intriguing blaster? Yes, please.

  6. Motivation to buy and elite Raven and add the blue silencer and a blue pin point sight if I could find one. The yellow silencer and neon Raven is unaesthetically pleasing.