Sunday, May 19, 2013

Elite Alpha Trooper Review

Finally got my hands on the N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12.  While I'll admit, because it's essentially a recolored Alpha Trooper with stronger performance that I'm not quite as excited about this one, it's still comforting to see one of my favorite blasters get the "Elite" treatment.  Instead of showing the basic functions of this simple blaster, I spend more time in this video review pointing out reasons why the Alpha Trooper and Elite Alpha Trooper really are a fantastic blaster.


  1. I wish nerf made a hybrid of this and the raider fot the elite line so it would be an alpha trooper with a rampage style pump handle which would go well with either the centered 25 round mag or the 12 dart clip. The best of both worlds like what happened when the maverick and spectre came together into the strongarm.

    1. You know, that's an excellent point. Although I already feel like the Alpha Trooper was a good hybrid of the Recon and Raider to begin with, it is interesting that the Strongarm got a complete redesign. Perhaps it's because the Alpha Trooper is a Target exclusive and would have too limited of a production to warrant that kind of a remake?

  2. It's weird. On our 20m grey trigger versions, the clip release button, jam door, and trigger are ALL grey, while the US versions have orange components.. The logo on the handle it says "N-Strike Elite" while the US version only has "N-Strike" on the handle.

  3. It's probably because Australian versions are new and Nerf must have corrected the mistake. Or the N-strike and N-strike Elite logos DO indicate something?