Thursday, May 23, 2013

TMB Stock Integration for LTX

Been fiddling around with this idea for awhile.  In my ongoing attempt to build stocks for our Lazer Tag pistols, I've managed to find an old stock from a Lazer Tag Team Ops Tag Master Blaster (or LTTO TMB).  Using a Phoenix LTX Lazer Tag blaster with a bad recoil pack, I'm utilizing parts from both to "build" a permanent stock onto this particular pistol.  The TMB's stock mounts into a modified recoil pack shell inside the LTX to make for a solid point for it to integrate with.

This integration is using similar techniques that a friend of mine used to mount a metal folding stock onto his LTX.  He too  utilized the existing internal structure from the rumble pack to fit his in there.  The only trouble I'm having is trying to figure out where to put the reload.  I don't think there will be room for the original reload mechanism in this.  I've been thinking of putting the reload where the shields button would be on this (forward of the trigger) and relocating the shields button to a toggle switch somewhere else on the blaster.

What's even nicer about this?  The green plastic on the LTTO TMB stock is the same type used on this Gold Phoenix LTX, so I'm hoping to make this blaster look like it came from the factory like this!  It would probably be better off painted up in camo or something, but I just really enjoy the idea of a "That looks like Hasbro made it" look to projects sometimes!

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