Monday, June 3, 2013

Riding the Storm Out

The Midwest Laser Tag Association was all set to go for our 4th summer game on May 27th.  Forecast for the evening had cleared up and we were all ready to go!  Then suddenly, just like Nebraska weather tends to do, clouds to our west started darkening up.  Radar showed a strong cell of rain growing fast and headed straight for us.  With less than 5 minutes before the game to react, we attempted to get some games in, only to hear thunder rolling overhead that cued us to take shelter under the gazebo.

Ben (to the left) tracked the storm as it poured buckets overhead to see how long we would have to wait it out.  According to weather radar, there would be a noticeable gap between two cells that would hopefully be dry.   Sure enough, as the clouds moved away, a rainbow emerged and we were able to get some games in!

The weather was fitting for my Tornado Strike-based LTX EF5 to compete toe-to-toe with other snipers at the game.  If I could see it, I was hitting it non-stop.  The pump-action reload has been working flawlessly since I fixed it.  Honestly, the only reason I haven't done a final video review on this blaster yet is because every time I pick it up, I just wanna PLAY.  I've taken it out to the park, set up a couple of LTXs, set them in various spots, and work on landing hits from all kinds of odd angles.  Through brush, on the move, it's really been a lot of fun using such a solid and accurate rifle.  I keep saying that "I'm not a Sniper, so I'll probably give this blaster to someone else once it's done", but it's really growing on me.  It's compact, it can land hits on the moon, and I still think it's one of the best looking blasters I've made yet.

That being said, I am not patient enough to fill the role of a "sniper".  I tend to move more, lead from the front lines, and fight out those mid-range battles more often.  Combining my need to be on the move with this lethally accurate blaster has been a challenge, but all this messing around and fine-tuning of the blaster's mechanics have really made for an interesting combination.

I suppose another reason I haven't made a full video review is that I've been trying to make use of these frequent late-spring storms that have been rolling through.  I wanted to shoot the footage for the LTX EF5 with some kind of storm going on in the background, but I may just have to film it normally.  What do you guys think?  Should I wrap things up with the LTX EF5 as it stands now, or should I try to make a bit of a "Cinematic Event" out of this?

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