Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Your Money are Belong to Us

Courtesy of SG Nerf
If you've missed the Un-boxing photos over at SG Nerf of the Centurion, the Centurion got unboxed at SG Nerf.  (lol)  Go figure, it's massive.  Like, bigger than the Longshot with the Front gun attached awesome.  Lots of interesting info, including listed ranges claiming some factual-looking facts.  One thing is for sure: you can't deny this blaster has PRESENCE.  But will it live up to it's aggressive-looking reputation?

First off, size.  Unless that barrel is removable, this is gonna be one tough blaster to haul around casually.  People will KNOW what you're packing when you show up with this thing.  Prepare yourself for "compensating for something" prods and jokes, folks.  This one is begging for those.

In the same way that the LTAR and new Rebelle lineups have been using Apps (although it seems to have not worked out so hot for the LTAR), there's a new "Nerf Mission App" advertised on the back of the Centurion's box.  Speaking of that box, there's quite the range disclaimer on here.  I suspect they've had folks complaining about Vortex and N-Strike Elite listed ranges before, but apparently 63% of darts leaving this blaster get over 90 feet.  Doesn't seem too consistent, but we'll take it.

Regardless, there's a lot of performance in this blaster to go along with it's "Snipe you from the Stratosphere" look.  With the new darts being significantly larger than the N-Strike Elite darts, I expect that might deter some folks from investing in this behemoth.  We shall see, though.  I need to fire one first... or at least see one fired.  What's your take on this big fella?


  1. I like the aesthetics, but I must say that I am not in favor. Just too big, different ammo type, different clips, new paint scheme.

  2. I love the idea and look of this thing, although the magazine is way too far forward and looks a little strange being closer to the muzzle than the stock. The bigger ammo might deter people but for me, I like the idea of a dart that will deliver more force without breaking skin. I think once modded, this monster will be really fun to use. Maybe not war practical, but definitely fun.

  3. Like Kronos said, I think it's actually pretty good with really good ranges, but I don't like the new darts, clips and paint scheme.

  4. I'm seriously considering the thought of dropping two panthers in one of my $6 E.A.T.s, rebarreling it to shoot these new megas, and loading it through the jam door. I just want those darts!

  5. There are lots of factors telling me not to want this thing. New ammo and clips as mentioned before, the fact that it looks like a Rayven/Stampede/Longstrike lovechild and the lack of foregrip to name but a few.

    That being said, I will be giving more money to Hasbro when it comes out.

  6. Well even though it might not be war practical for many, I happen to play at games with pretty much zero mods, so thing will be insane. I like how they're giving us range stats now too. Hopefully it can live up to them. I also haven't heard anything about a 'grey-trigger' (nerfed (haha) version for Australia and some other countries) model... perhaps they will be releasing it the same...? Or they could have decided not even to release it in Aus at all.

    And as for a removable barrel, I'm thinking Longstrike stock all over again. D= (read: once it's on it don't come off.)

  7. Is the title a mockery of foreign/Asian speech? I laughed so hard!

    1. More specifically, a play off of "All your base are belong to us". If you haven't seen that before, YouTube it! Awful translation from a videogame.

  8. I can see alot of people that I nerf with leaving the barrel extention off to help with the ranges.

    I've heard the firing clip that's floating around and this things differently geared, dont know how that will effect its modding potential. I think even only a 5 kilo spring in this thing would be awesome.