Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Possibilities for MEGA Darts

Solscud in Action!
Seems like ever since the Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 came out, folks have been linking a lot of tactical platform ideas to accessories for their blasters.  Many of these ideas include an under-barrel-mounted "Grenade Launcher" of sorts.  From Rockets to larger foam darts to even the occasional shotgun, platforms mounted underneath the main barrel have been a cool concept that modders have been adding to their blasters.  Now, with the introduction of the MEGA dart with the N-Strike Elite lineup, I can't help but wonder if there'd be some kind of application for something similar?

Just go with me on this one...

With the Centurion's long range and darts twice the size, having both dart types for the Elite lineup would be pretty nifty.  Firing normal darts with a clip-fed system through your blaster while having the option to switch to that single long-range dart underneath the main barrel, you'd be able to engage at multiple distances with the same blaster.


  1. I think that could work, especially if you chop of the barrel which is decreasing range.
    But yeah, I think that the centurion will probably have tons of excess shell room, which will be kinda cool for integrations and circuitry.

  2. Neat concept, but bear in mind you'd still need to fit some form of propulsion system in there. If the Centurion has a traditional plunger rod, it'll limit the size you can cut it down to. I doubt it would fit so nicely as an underslung M203-esque single shot. Agreed on the ammo type for the concept, but don't think it's as simple as whacking a Centurion underneath

  3. I like your idea, and in reply to stoph there could probably be more powerful propulsion if a series were created firing ping-pong sized foam balls rather than the darts since the surface area is greater and there would likely be more pressure behind the blast.