Friday, May 10, 2013

Season 8 off to a Great Start!

Despite the rainy conditions, 12 of us managed to start out the Midwest Laser Tag Association's 8th Summer Season!  It was mainly just sprinkling rain on and off the whole evening, but we still grilled up some great food and played out a bunch of games!  Usually the first few games are a little dismal for turnout, but I'm confident we'll be back to our usual 20+ turnout games once the summer gets rolling.

It was also an awesome night to confirm that my LTX EF5 is complete!
Everything worked great on it and I was going toe-to-toe with some of our notable snipers on a regular basis, as well as picking off other players from across the park.  It's range and accuracy is fantastic and the pump-action reload is nice and quick.  I swapped out the Raider-Style stock for a Super Soaker LightningStorm stock and really appreciated the solid stability it provided, so that'll definitely stay on there.

With the EF5 complete, I can focus on other builds that have been sitting on my workbench.  As much as I enjoy the LTX EF5, the blaster doesn't suit my style of play very well.  I'm usually not the "Sit back and snipe across the field" type, though it has been fun dominating players well outside of normal combat ranges.  On my next blaster, I may have to include some kind of sniper module add-on for those instances when I want to reach out and nab some long-range kills.

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