Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Versatility in your Loadout

Last week I talked about the shrinking gap that mid-sized pistols are facing and it seemed to stir up quite a bit of insight from readers.  It got me thinking even more about my own choices of loadouts during games.  I've never really stuck to one blaster to use throughout a series of games on any certain day.  I got to thinking about different choices I've gone with: Primary and Secondary versus using one versatile blaster for the whole game.

Traditionally, I've taken a Primary and Secondary blaster into games.  One main rifle and one small pistol.  I usually only use the pistol in the event that I'm in a bind.  When I'm out of ammo or when I've just jammed a dart in my Primary, I fall back on the pistol until I can get things running on my Primary again.  It's pretty basic.

Then there have been games where I've just gone out with one blaster that I can transform into whatever I need.  Blasters like the Stryfe and Retaliator work quite well as either a sidearm or a main weapon, so there have been instances where I've blurred the lines and used one blaster for both roles.  Instead of switching blasters mid-game, I get rid of or add on accessories as needed.  Often times, carrying my spare darts on the blaster has proved to be more versatile than wearing a sling with darts and clips and a sidearm attached to it.  It becomes sort of a hybrid blaster that allows complete freedom on my part to worry less about what I'm carrying and more about what parts on the blaster are working for me.  I've even used parts of my blaster as decoys to give the illusion that I'm hiding somewhere when I'm really sitting in wait at another point.

Obviously the big thing I lose when I'm using one blaster is that vital backup.  If I'm out of darts or my blaster jams, I'm dead in the water.  Suddenly the versatility and convenience of having all of my equipment on one blaster isn't worth anything.

So what's your take?  Is one versatile blaster able to replace the age-old Primary + Secondary loadout?


  1. While my war experience is limited, I've always carried only my stampede. Any space taken up by a sidearm on my old buttock platform was better spent on ammo for my stampede. Further complicated by my sidearm at the time took different ammo than my stampede. Not such a big deal now that both shoot elite darts.

    Again, mind if I reblog?

  2. Since I tend towards riding light, I rarely use the good ol' traditional Prim/sec plan. I usually carry one blaster and keep careful track of my ammo; since we tend to play short, intense games, I can hold out pretty well with a couple magazines and a rifle or a pistol and a cargo pocket and fist full o'darts. In the event of a jam, running like mad usually works. The times I have used two blasters I haven't managed them well enough to become any more fearsome on the battle field and have found the second getting in the way more than being useful.

  3. if the weapon is very dependable, then yes, but even then it is good to have asecondary to cover the con of ur primary, such as if u are using a retal, then a fast firing, dependable secondary such as a upcoming wildshot or hammershot.

  4. One reliable, versatile blaster all the way.
    Sure if it jams or runs out of darts you're in a bind, but the added maneuverability it well worth the trade-off to me.

  5. I would have to say no. I usually hold up to six blasters at a time:
    my rapidfire as-20 in an easy to deploy backpack, then my rampage/stryfe as my primary, then my rough cut on my bandolier, then a strongarm in one of my pockets, and a furyfire also in my easy-deploy backpack, along with a triad in my emergency back pocket. If all else fails, I have a longsword in my backwards bandolier. All of this is held fairly well along with a lot of ammo, 2 drums, 5 eighteen-dart clips, and 3 flip clips, and 4 other six dart clips, loaded, attended by 4 pencilboxes filled to the brim with excess darts... I guess i'm a heavy foam artillery man. this loadout is also surprisingly manageable, for six blasters, 300 something darts and a marauder longsword. tactics, tactics.

    1. Jeez, you sound dangerous!

  6. Well I play three main game types, and for each I prefer a differently load-out.

    HvZ: Primary/Secondary. I carry a secondary but with an Alpha Trooper (or more recently a Stryfe) as my primary it doesn't get used a whole lot. Though with the Hammershot rumours that might change...

    Class-Based CtF: Single blaster. Even though our (my) class system allows for secondaries for most classes there's often little use for one. And anyway, my classes of choice are the super-soaker (and only a soaker) toting Militia class and the blaster/melee carrying Guerilla class, so carrying two isn't allowed (unless you count my sword).

    Zombies (My rules): Uh... option C: whatever I can get my hands on. Thanks to the scavenger-like way our rules work (start with a single-shot and complete missions to get better blasters) you're forced to go with pretty much whatever you can get your hands on. Be it an AT, Titan, Scatterblast or twin Triads.

  7. Seems like standard protocol to me. If you have a secondary, use it. There are only two reasons why I would ever only use one blaster;
    1. To build skills and explore weaknesses on a specific blaster.
    2. To level a playing field.

    On a side note... When I finally get a few of those Hammerstrikes, I will probably never go anywhere without one.

  8. I play HvZ and during our lockin primaries aren't that helpful for an hour as the zombie count is low and they hide around corners which makes flywheel guns like the stryfe but at that time so having a strongarm is great when dealing with small encounters

  9. I carry to primaries, one with a slightly higher ROF than the other and one with a greater range. This suits me well because the most frequent location of hosted wars in Hawaii comprise of an indoor and outdoor area.

    When in a building, I would run something like a Rayven exclusively. When it's time to circle around the building for an alternative entrance, I would use an NF or 3k exclusively.

    Since the range of engagement varies a lot during games, I would am forced to use this method to have an advantage over other players.

  10. In full scale battles, which for me is at least 3 people on each team, I carry
    1. A Recon (soon to be changed to either a Retaliator, or an Elite Alpha Trooper)
    2. A Strongarm
    3. A Jolt (possibly changing to a Triad)
    4. 2 18 Round drums (One in gun)
    5. 4 6 Round clips (will be changed to 12 rounders when I get some)
    6. 45 Rounds of pistol ammunition

    1. I don't know how old you are, but if you can buy your own stuff, you should instead of purchasing a retaliator, absolutely buy an EAT and 18 dart clips. I'm not entirely sure on your budget on blasters, but a rampage is also a lot easier to manage than you think. Good luck on your future nerfin' career (disregard this message if you're in college)!

  11. Guys, you forgot about integrations. A well integrated secondary can make you more mobile than having your primary and secondary separate, and often bolsters ROF.

  12. My Intended load out is much like Kitts, lots of blasters with a lot of options. Still working on the harness for it all but I'll have a Rayven on a sling, a Stryfe on my right leg, a Roughcut on my left, a Rampage across the small of my back, 2 Retaliators in a double shoulder holster under my right arm, and a Firestrike across my chest as a last resort/wounded gun. Most everything is set up to be drawn with my left hand, which is my dominant, but the Stryfe is on my right to cover my left-hand draws

  13. I usually always have my little jolt in my pocket as a spare shot.