Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pistols: The Shrinking Gap

I've always been a rifle guy when it comes to my main weapon, but if there's one thing I've noticed during games it's how versatile some of these pistols can be... how they can match up to a rifle in power but still be small and nimble enough not to hinder mobility.  You've probably seen it yourself, someone at a Nerf game that's just tearing it up with a NiteFinder or even a Jolt.  Granted, a majority of the games I play involve mostly stock and lightly modified Nerf-brand blasters (no homemades or anything with Stefans or things like that), so keep that in mind during this discussion.

There seems to be a careful balance between blaster size and blaster capability that can be overlooked.  Some larger pistols, like a Maverick, Strongarm, or Vigilon, are still quite large.  However, there are blasters like the Recon, Retaliator, Diatron, and Stryfe that can be broken down to roughly the same size but exceed the potential for increased range and dart capacity.  Not only that, but larger pistols can't be holstered as easily as smaller ones like a Firestrike or Proton, meaning that they kind of HAVE to be used as a primary.

Things like the Jolt and Triad make the mid-sized blasters a tough sell.  My Triad, for instance, can hit anything my Strongarm can.  Sure it has half the capacity, but it's also one third the size.  If the Strongarm is powerful enough to be used as a Primary, so can this little hairdryer lookalike blaster, right?

There's a clear shrinking gap for larger "sidearm" sized pistols and blasters that, in my opinion, leaves them in the dark.  For the same performance but smaller size, you can go with an Elite Jolt, Triad, Firestrike, or Proton.  For the same size and better performance, you can go with a Stryfe, Retaliator, or Diatron.  These facts make me wonder ... why bother with blasters like the Strongarm?


  1. I really like rifles and such for their weight and presence... But the amateur tracuer in me loves the mobility, flexibility, and simplicity of the Triad. I really have to agree with you... Go big or go teensy--Just don't waffle in the middle.

  2. There ARE advantages to the Strongarm, though some are only apparent when pre-loaded before traveling to a war, such as less damage to darts than clip system blasters cause (no long-direction creasing or lines that can harm performance), a faster reload from completely empty than the clip system, and some that are person-specific, such as the different and, to me, easier prime than that of a Retaliator and the different point in its priming cycle at which it slamfires.

  3. I like the strongarm over a stryfe or retaliator as a pistol because it is plunger based, easier to holster and more comfortable, I would use the styfe or a clip feed blaster as my primary because it is too large to be holstered so by using clips I just have the stryfe hanging on my shoulders and change out the magazines. also for HvZ indoors flywheel guns are best for dealing with hordes or zombies that aren't being stealthy, if one is hiding behind a corner you have to use a plunger blaster like a strongarm or triad.

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  5. I don't know, just something about the good memories of the Mav being my first blaster still lingers with me when I use a Strongarm. I just seem to really like that revolver style with the performance this thing shells out. Especially if I'm in a jam and I just slam fire the crap out my foes like Clint Eastwood. I just like pistols with bigger round capacities. If only someone could mod a Lock n Load to be clip fed...