Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stupid Simple E-Tape Tricks

Over a decade ago when I started fiddling around with Laser Tag modifications, I was in LOVE with Electrical Tape.  It was black, flexible, and it was like an instant paint job with lasting durability.  Although I still don't think I've grown up much (still playing with Nerf and Laser Tag well past age 20) my taste in higher-quality modifications and paint jobs has improved.  But every now and then, e-tape still makes the most sense, especially in High-Traffic areas.

As I prep a new stock for the final version of my LTX EF5, I thought I'd share a few tricks that should help those who are still using e-tape for aesthetic work on their blasters, Nerf OR Laser Tag.


  1. The problem that I have always had with electrical tape is that is gets sticky and nasty in hot weather.
    You probably haven't heard of him, but BoltSniper wrapped the handles of his homemades in electrical tape. Great minds think alike, I guess.

    1. After working in Aviation Electronics for the Army for 8 years I hate electrical tape! So today when I found that a Phoenix LTX's from ebay had a short in the reload clip I got excited at the paint modifications. You know since it will already be apart.

      I started thinking about the how great it would look with some digi cameo would look, than started getting discouraged because the amount of time using painters tape and an exacto knife would be. This led me to thinking of camouflage duct-tape, but I didn't want a sticky mess. That's when the Outdoors Sporting store in my town suggested "Camo Form by Mossy Oak Obsession.

      It says it sticks to itself, and that would be good in this application.