Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prepping the Antiques

Next Thursday (June 6th) marks 7 years of planning laser tag games.  It started off as the OLCA and now is known as the MLTA.  Last night, a friend helped me get our old Laser Challenge gear ready for a "Throwback Thursday" game that'll mark this anniversary for our group.  I've been getting really nostalgic going through old gear, beat-up customized blasters, and all the memories tied to this gear.

My experience with Laser Challenge goes much further back than 2006 when we started the OLCA.  My first set was a Christmas present in 1996 (oh how I wonder how many of my readers weren't even BORN yet!) and it started things off for me with laser tag in general.  From simple neighborhood games to using the blasters as props in "movies" my friends and I would film, this gear has a LOT of personal history for me.

Recased Nerf Blasters for Laser Challenge
In the Mid-90s, I only had one Nerf blaster: a Bow 'n Arrow.  I had a set of Laser Challenge blasters, and when I found friends that ALSO had Laser Challenge, well things just took off for me.  I didn't really get back into Nerf until, after going to Thrift Stores to find beat up, broken, and cheap blasters for Recasings for Laser Challenge, that I got back into Nerf.  We fixed up a few of the cheap ones from garage sales and such and then got into purchasing new ones/messing with mods for those.  Through all this time, Laser Tag has always been at the front of my workbench.  Nerf is fun, but there's just so much more history with Laser Tag for me!

This is the only surviving piece of my
original 1996 Laser Challenge Team Force set
So next week is very special for me personally with this game.  I also did a little research and found out a fun tidbit.  June 6th will mark the 100th game we've planned.  That's quite the accomplishment for this group, if I do say so myself!

We'll celebrate with a cookout and some games with our old Laser Challenge gear.  Should be pretty fun!  The only hard part is deciding how "Old School" I want to go with my gear.  Do I completely go back to the first few games and use my original gear?  Or do I use some of my signature customized blasters?  What do you think?

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