Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's a good time, Base-ically

See what I did there?  BASE-ically?  Basically?  Because the game was at the Base?  It's- yeah.  Ok, not as funny as I had hoped.  But I digest...

While I'm bummed we didn't have better turnout (a meager showing of 6 for a venue that's better for 10-14 players), it's always a good time up at my favorite place to play Laser Tag.  But low turnout wasn't the only dent in the plans...

Of the blasters pictured in that group photo, half of them broke down.  The CTDYNE LTX wasn't taking hits very well and needs to be looked at.  The LTX DMR's power switch (what a surprise) was glitchy, and the LTX EF5's power supply crapped out on me.  All 3 are going to be closely inspected, repaired, and ready to roll before the MLTA's Season 8 begins, but it was still aggravating to have so many things go wrong.

The only customized blaster that managed to function throughout the 3-hour Tour up at The Base was Sundawg's Ultimate LTX.  The combination Sniper/Shotgun blaster fitted with an alluminium folding stock was a formidable foe.  It's no surprise that his blaster held up given his computer engineering background and fantastic electronic know-how.  Many of the tricks I've learned about working on Laser Tag blasters have been from his expertise and advice.  Hopefully by the start of our next summer season, I'll have my blasters running as reliably as his.

We still had a great time, and I want to plan at least one more off-season game before things start up again.  One thing is clear: these complicated customized blasters need thorough inspections and solid internals if they're to hold up for the next season of laser tag.  While I'm a whiz at paint jobs and layout for internals for these recasings, I need to improve my ability to build stronger internal structures to support these blasters.  It was a hard-learned lesson at this game that I hope to not have to repeat.

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