Friday, March 22, 2013

Finding the Stragglers

Had a bit of a surprise Nerf war against my fiance last night.  Thought I had rounded up all the Elite Darts we had slung around, but I guess she found one more.  This morning I found one in my desk from when we ambushed a salesman at work.

It always seems like no matter how hard I search or what methods I use to track down darts, there's always one straggler left behind!  We need a Foam Detector or something...

So who's gonna build me one?  Better yet, feel free to join in on the Dart Mustache look!


  1. I have found that small RFID tags inserted into the back of the dart works very well in stock blasters. Higher power blasters, like brass breeched longshots or plusbows, just break the tag. You can even tell which dart is whose!

  2. Its called a cat ;) Though you may not like your dart condition after.