Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mod Night: 3/10/13

Did some work debugging the LTX EF5 last night with my right-hand man Brandon.  We've been running games with the MLTA (formerly OLCA) for 8 years now.  Got a few things done in time for a game that has now been rescheduled for next weekend.  The snow we had planned for, but the bitter cold thanks to the unexpected winds has made things too frosty for our Laser Tag blasters' batteries to endure.  Operational time of these blasters gets cut down to about half an hour when the temperatures dip into the teens like they are now.  

Regardless, it was good to get a few things fixed on my blaster.  My buddy is working on a paintjob for an LTAR, too.  We also discussed possible add-on options for the LTAR for an extended barrel system and a stock that we might be building this summer.

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